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    Hi guys, currently we started a new tour "Namba Food & Drink Tour in Osaka" that a guide shows you around drinking gems and enjoy with the loca...
  • HOJ Reported in the “NHK World”

    Shibuya tour appeared in the article of “NHK World”, which is talking about how fun to hang out Japan at night. To see more, click the URL below....
  • Sake is similar to Beer and Wine!!

    Have you tasted Japanese Sake before? What is your image of Japanese Sake? I’ve heard that some people believe that Japanese sake is strong and dry...

    We created official YouTube account! Hang Out Japan will be broadcast live on YouTube channel! :-) The first video is below, which is introducing ...
  • Osechi, a gorgeous Japanese food!

    Osechi-ryori is a traditional Japanese food which we eat on new year. 
  • Japanese Have a Party on New Year's Eve?

    People do a housecleaning before the end of the year!?
  • HOJ Appeared on The Japan Times

    “We hope more foreign people will become a part of Shibuya’s nightlife”
  • HOJ Partnered with Shibuya City Tourism Association

    Planning to tour the attraction of the area.