Enjoy Local Sake&Beer Tour in Tokyo

Come with us to the very lively part of town, one of the centers of old Japan: Kanda. Visit a few bars and try a cup of Japanese sake and a couple of Japanese craft beers. You’ll be able to taste and buy some sake on the site of Japan‘s first izakaya. We’ll also make a short visit to the VR Ninja Dojo, for an unforgettable ninja experience!!

About this experience

We will meet at a tourist information center at West exit in Kanda station. In the tour, we are going to eat a Taiyaki (traditional Japanese snack) and visit a historical Japanese Sake shop. Also, we are going to visit a small sake bar and you can enjoy Japanese sake. In addition, you will become a NINJA. This tour will be the best cultural experience that you’ve ever had! The end of the tour, we will visit a beer-bar so that you can enjoy Japanese craft beers.
I will explain the area with a map so that you can explore the area by your self.
This is the tour that you will enjoy and learn Japanese culture! I am looking forward to seeing you!

■Other Points to Consider
As your experience includes alcohol, you have to be 20 years old or over to book.
We will mainly go to bars that have only a little food.
This is a walking tour, so please wear comfortable clothes on the day.

■About Location
Kanda station is located in next to the Tokyo station and the area is an important city. At night, you will see many people enjoy drinking at the local bars in Kanda. Kanda is also known as a Kanda festival that is one of the most famous Japanese festival. In the tour, I will tell you history and interesting stories of Kanda with having nice food and drinks!