About us


To provide an unforgettable experience in Japan by showing you places that have been fascinating locals.
Uncover the veil and see different aspects of Japan which most tourists have never known.
We hope you will enjoy Japan like locals.
Connect with tour guides to start your journey.

Let's hang out Japan!!


Make friends, Be locals!

Corporate Profile

Company Name  >>>  Jnnovations, Inc.

Establishment     >>>  December 2016

Head Office      >>>  Shibuya

CEO          >>>  Shunta Omori




I have traveled the world and learned so much from it. The most important thing for me when I travel is connecting with the locals. I think the true characteristics and culture of a country can only be experienced through people. We started this service because we want you to experience Japan through our people. By introducing “Hang Out Japan”, where you can interact naturally with Japanese people, we welcome you to the real Japan.